About Us

PT. Bahtera Noah Kaltara Shipping Agency has the most extensive logistics services capability in Indonesia covering the full range of services required to provide door to door transportation of goods and equipment’s from any point in the world by any means of transport (sea, truck, or inland) to the job site and return, including all local services, storage, customs and port formalities.

Today, PT. Bahtera Noah Kaltara is moving full steam ahead with a commitment to extend our range of services and port coverage to meet the ever-changing global requirements of the shipping industry.


Being one of the private companies that are developing & qualified and able to complete in the field of national ship agency services


Providing the best service for partners and consumers in a professional manner thus helping smoothness the flow of river and sea transport. provide quality service at competitive prices Increase in skilled and qualified human resources for the development of transporting river and sea transportation

Our People

In PT. Bahtera Noah Kaltara, employees are an invaluable asset. Our company is built on the experience and dedication.

Constantly guided by the highest standards of quality ship service our team of staff are constantly challenged to reach new heights through improvements and innovations in the areas of their own expertise. As a result, our company is working as a collaborative force to meet our
customer’s expectations. We see training as essential to bring out the best in our people.

We run a safety program and jointly organize a seminar on the classification societies and maritime agencies. From the training program that aims to increase safety awareness and foster a safe work habits for programs focused on technical skill, our peoples are well equipped with the necessary skill Providing consultancyin the field of ports and maritime transport, and knowledge to ensure optimal and efficient operation of the ship. The whether in infrastructure or development projects or which

Office Location & Mobile Phone

Jl. Sanusi No.91 Rt 03. Kel. Nunukan Tengah Kec. Nunukan Kota Nunukan Provinsi Kalimantan Utara.
+6282-19813-2681 ( IBNU )